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Home EV Charging Station

Becas provides one-stop-shop EV charging stations for a wide range of applications from home garages to off-street and on-street car parks. We have three different types of EV charging Stations: AC, DC, and Portable charging stations.

Install EV chargers in car parks such as club car parks, residential or commercial car parks, shopping center car parks, council car parks will bring many benefits to car park owners and operators. Among the benefits are bringing more visitors who own Electric vehicles to your buildings, and also generate income for car park owners as well. 

Becas provides a phone app that connects to a cloud service for drivers to pay for each time they do charging their vehicles.

AC EV Charging Stations

Range from 3.5KW, 7KW, 11KW, and 22KW for Home Garages Level 2 EV Charger.


  • Level 2 Charger,
  • 3-5 hours charging time with stable output,
  • High Quality, Strong Housing material,
  • Surge Protection and automatic functions,
  • Easy Installation
  • Portable


Portable EV Charging Stations

Becas smart chargers are 240 VAC, level 2 chargers that can be plugged in and charge up your car in 3-5 hours. 

The level 1 chargers take 7-8 hours to charge a vehicle

DC EV Charging Stations

Range from 60KW, 120KW, 160KW, 240KW Fast EV Charger


Fast EV charger with 80% charge in 20 minutes,

Supports a wide range of Electrical Vehicles brands and models

High Level of protection: 

Over/under Input voltage protection, 

Over-voltage Output protection, 

output over current protection, 

insulation detection protection, 

battery reverse connection protection, 

short circuit protection, 

charging pile over-temperature protection, 

charging gun over-temperature protection, 

access control protection, 

emergency stop protection, 

leakage protection, 

Overcharge protection.


Wall-mount DC EV Charger

30KW, 40KW DC EV Fast Charger Station

EV Charger Station with Car Park Guidance System

Becas Car Park Guidance System assists drivers in finding the parking spots installed EV charger quicker and easier with custom color (like Blue LED indicator) apart from Green color.

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