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Improve Customer Service with the Bistro Coaster Pager/Guest Pager System

Alert your staff and guests faster with a handheld pager. Reaching waiting guests, customers or patients have never been simpler with the assistance of our modern, durable solution. Becas has designed and optimised these guest pagers to give your staff the ability to enable a superior guest experience and provide top-of-the-line service. Since our handheld pagers are wireless and work anywhere on premise, you give guests the freedom to roam and use your facilities.

ServerCall® Kitchen Staff Paging

When your team is linked, your business thrives. With labor shortages and on the rise, labor costs optimizing operations through improved staff communications is the key to serving guests and delivering a great experience.

With a restaurant server paging system your front-of-house and back-of-house are harmoniously connected. Enable seamless communication between servers, hosts, managers, and kitchen staff. JTECH paging systems provide discreet communications including vibration and alpha-numeric alerts.

Save on labor and maximize staff and server productivity with a server pager system. Connect your team with quick and efficient communication so they can deliver a great guest experience.

The ServerCall® 6, 12 (shown), 24, 48, or 72 Transmitter and Cancel Panels for your kitchen helps you manage food orders more effectively and profitably. With the ServerCall® Transmitter One-Touch paging and Auto-Recall features, you can streamline traffic and your kitchen staff can notify servers only when they’re needed.

Add the Cancel panel to allow servers to conveniently cancel the page when the food is picked up without interrupting the kitchen workflow.

The ServerCall® Transmitter has programmable ”Duty Alerts” for quick reminders and communication.

GuestCall® IQ Pager

Guest calling paging system is simple, affordable and a perfect solution for restaurants, food courts, coffee shops and bars. Our guest calling paging system supports the idea of wanting to improve guest dining experiences, and customers may now roam around freely with our guest calling paging system.


New Updated Design and Sleek Modern Look
Backwards compatible with IQ2008 pagers
Flash, vibrate and tone alert options for personalization.
Supports up to 9999 pagers
Put your own branded insert.
User replaceable batteries ensure limited down time.
Battery life indicator light shows battery is charging or needs replacing.
Out-of-range alert to reduce accidental loss.
Locate feature reduces loss and finds missing pagers.
IQ pager can be programmed either by over the air, charger or PC software

GuestCall® All in One Pager

Maintain guest loyalty and increase sales. Whether you’re in the restaurant, retail or hospitality industry, you understand the importance of guest satisfaction.

Our Guest pagers make the dining-out or shopping experience more pleasant and efficient. With wide range of guest pagers, your guest feel more connected while they visit the bar or shop while they wait.

Our guest pagers are designed to streamline your guest’s experience.

GuestCall® Coaster Pager

With our GuestCall® Coaster Pager, your staff can instantly notify guests with a flash, beep or vibration when their table is ready. Easily stay in contact, speed up table turns and increase revenue as guests enjoy the freedom to visit the bar or nearby areas while they wait.

The patented GuestCall® digital coaster pager is a stackable charger that fully charges up to 15 coaster pagers in 2 hours. Unlike many coaster pagers, you can replace the battery yourself instead of sending it in.

The GuestCall® Coaster pager is one of our most popular-selling guest pagers for restaurants and can be branded to promote your business.

The GuestCall® Coaster Pager is extremely flexible and integrates with other paging systems and software applications.

GuestCall® Coaster Pager is widely used for hospitality services as Fast Food restaurant, Food court, Milk Tea, Cafe, Bistro, Take Away Restaurant, Hotel, Resort, etc.

StaffCall IQ® Pager

The StaffCall IQ® server pager is designed as the most robust pager for your paging system. Inform staff by sending detailed text messages with up to 7 lines of text. Save time by automating communications with up to 10 pre-programmable text or image alerts. The Staff Pager works with UHF radio signal.

If a sleek look and feel are important to you, the full color display and low profile belt clip gives a first-class impression. Show off your brand with a custom jpeg logo visible on the display screen.

SmartCall WIFI Pager

SmartCall Staff Pager utilized small smart phone as iPhone 5S and 4S as WIFI Staff Pager. The WIFI pager equipped small (4-inch) screen with a holster for wearable convenience.
The SmartCall pager come with Becas Paging app that provides advantage features compared to UHF pager. While UHF pager can alert one call at a time, the SmartCall pager can display whole list of all patron calls in real time. The list of service calls displayed in separate queues depend on how many staff active in the shift assignment.
Staff when viewing list of service calls can improve response time by cut down travel time between service points, and therefore improve customer satisfaction.
SmartCall pager provides other advantage features as Text To Speech so message can be alert as speech and the pager can be paired with Apple Ear Pod for more convenience.

Why Use Our Pager Solution

The advanced function of the guest pager is “Smart Count” which can inform how many people are before them, allowing them to exactly catch their turn and use their time more economically and efficiently without staying on the waiting floor. In addition, it supports simple graphics and texts that are very useful business advertisements.


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