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The Becas Petrol Station POS system (or Fuel POS system) has all the functions every retail outlet needs for day to day operations such as fuel sales, dry stock sales, inventory management, customer accounts, sales reports, etc. Small retail businesses can gain big benefits from possessing modern cutting edge technologies, associated with big retailers, but for only a fraction of the cost.

Interface to wide range of Forecourt Controllers

BecasPOS system is able to integrate to wide range of Forecourt Controllers (Pump Controller) in the market from latest product to legacy products such as Enabler, POSTEC, Fusion, FC6000 and T24. BecasPOS also supports protocol from variety of Fuel Dispenser such as Gilbarco, Gallagher, PEC, Email, Tokheim, Wayne, Tatsuno, Tokico, Somo, Honyang, Hengshan, Lanfeng.

Windows Based POS Software

The standard set of BecasPOS system for service stations includes two PCs, the touch screen POS terminal with a second screen Customer Display and the Back Office PC that integrates to Forecourt Controller. Front end POS terminal provides User Interface for Fuel Sales (Button Click) and Dry Stock Sales (Barcode Scanner). Each pump in the forecourt has an associated button on the screen, Press Pump Button on the screen to authorize the pump.

BecasPOS system also integrates to Credit Card Pinpad like PC-EFTOS, Tyro, Windcave, etc. 

Multiple front-end POS terminals can be provided for a busy service station.

Back Office PC hosts a database and a web portal for most of the management tasks as checking sales reports, account statements, inventory controls, etc.

Support wide range of Cashless Payment options

Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT)

OPT is designed as a self-serve unattended POS system for service stations in rural areas. A single OPT can be deployed for a service station with multiple fuel dispensers.

The customer needs to choose the pump, the fuel grade, and either the volume or invoice amount, OPT will then present the bill amount and request the pre-paid cashless payment. 

Customer make the payment by Card (Tap and Go/Insert/Swipe)

OPT authorizes the pump,

Customer re-fuel the vehicle and put the nozzle on the hook after finished.

OPT can interface to popular forecourt controllers as Enabler and FC6000 available in the market.

Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG)

Becas provides ATG system for Fuel Tanks (underground and above ground) with diameters from 2 to 3.5 meters.

Becas latest IoT technology allows tank level data sent to Becas Cloud Server and then broadcast to service station operator phone app.

Fuel Tank Level Remote Monitor

The price of Fuels continue to increase now and in the future and the need to manage fuel supply efficiently is a must for service stations operator to stay in profit. 

Becas Fuel Tank Level Remote Monitor system integrated with latest IoT technology allows fuel tank level data can be displayed in a smartphone in real-time.

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