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Choose a scalable medical paging system that grows with your business needs. From simple button call pagers to a more integrated hospital paging system, our healthcare pagers are flexible and designed to grow with your practice.

Maintain a calm and serene atmosphere in your hospital or clinic with our QuietCall® healthcare pagers. Allow your guests to visit the gift store or cafeteria with peace of mind knowing that they won’t miss their appointment.

Our QuietCall® healthcare pagers and SmartCall™ hospital paging systems for medical staff and patients are used by physicians, surgical centers, hospital waiting rooms, eye care centers, dentist offices, and veterinary offices.

Bedside Nurse Call Button

The accessible Bedside Call Device can create a signal initiated by patients or staff. 

Button Call devices come in various designs and many are wall-mounted with push buttons and lights on the faceplate. 

Pendant-style switches have a push-button switch at the end of a cable, or cordset, that plugs into a jack in the wall-mounted bedside station. 

Some hospital beds have corsets mounted on the side rails and provide adapters for interfacing with the nurse call system.







Wireless Nurse Call System

Wireless Nurse Calling System is an innovative product to give reliable service on patient care that connects guests to caregivers and works ideally for hospital and nurse home. The system includes up to 50 beds call button service.

It provided patients the ability to communicate with their assigned nurse and protects patients with round-the-clock service from doctors to caregivers. 

The system enables management to track response times and records with computer software. 

Wireless Nurse Calling System improves medical services and maintains medical care efficiency as well as enhances patient satisfaction.

Support wide range of Bed Call Button

IP Nurse Call System

An IP Nurse Call System is very reliable compared to Wireless Nurse Calls as all the bed calls are wired directly to the Becas Nurse Call System (BNCS) and therefore always registered in the waiting call queue. Many Wireless Call Buttons work with a radio signal which means the signal coverage is limited by the structure of the building. The BNCS System was developed based on the Becas Alert Notification System, meaning it can dispatch messages to a wide range of message receivers like pagers, SmartPhone, SMS, email, and DECT phones. BNCS integrates a variety of hard-wired bed call buttons and front door indicator lights. 

The Nurse Station Control Room can have an LCD screen that displays all the outstanding bed calls, allowing calls to have a further reach. 

The BNCS System also includes web-based management software that includes shift login/logout, Staff Message Receiver Assignment, Call Response Time Checks, and plenty more. 

The BNCS System keeps communication smooth and effective between patients, nurses, and other health care personnel.

Paging System Range in Large Hospital Building


The BNCS Main Controller is a sophisticated call management system. Every call is registered through Bed-Call-Interface modules so the call will be sent to designated staff pagers. 

A list of waiting calls can also be displayed on a big LCD monitor in the nurses’ station in real-time. 

If the call is not responded to in the specified time, the call will be escalated to higher nurse management staff. The Web Portal provides all management functions such as staff pager assignment and report checks. There are many reports that are very handy such as waiting time per staff, call history, etc. 

The Web Portal also provides the tools that allow staff to send messages from any computer to any pager/smartphone that are within reach of the network.

A series of LAN Transmitters can be arranged across multiple levels or buildings within the hospital complex to deliver nurse call messages instantly to pre-assigned staff anywhere in the buildings.




Healthcare Staff Pager

Our SmartCall IQ healthcare pager is a leap forward in paging technology that improves efficiency. Discreetly notify your patients instantly with a unique, 4-line, alpha-numeric message, flash, beep, or vibration. This high contrast blue and red LED paddle pager is accessibility-friendly so alerts can be easily be seen by those with low vision. 

Easily stay in contact, speed guest and patient turnover, and increase efficiency in your workplace.

The charging station tower features automatic pager renumbering that will save you time and money. Forever change the way you program, stock, and reorder pages.

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