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One of the most valuable assets of any city is its parking spaces. Becas designs and develops a new state-of-the-art solution for an On-Street parking management solution. The new technology utilizes wireless magnetic vehicle sensors, IoT cloud technology, and Smart Phone Apps. Becas Smart Parking solution helps reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions as reduce time drivers circle around to find parking, foster economic development, improve urban mobility, and increase parking revenue. Drivers can find parking and pay to park with Becas Phone App. Drivers only pay the exact amount for their parking time, the remaining payment will be credited back to the driver account. For Smart City urban planning, when a number of electrical vehicles (EV) on the road continues to rise. Integrating the parking bay available along with EV charging station in real time map will bring an enormous relief for drivers. Councils can also generate more revenues for the parking bay with integrated EV charging station.

Smart Parking Sensor

Becas Smart Parking sensor is a wireless Lora sensor. The sensor can detect any vehicle parking on top of it with an accuracy of up to 99.7%. The sensor battery can last up to 7 years, working temperature from -40 C to +85 C, humidity from 0 to 100%.

The sensor can withstand a load of up to 5000Kg per wheel.

The sensor signal can travel up to 15Km or 5Km in a density city.

The sensor measures 190mm in diameter, 20mm in height. This is the thinnest sensor in the market.

Our Smart Parking Sensors installed in more than 20 x smart parking projects world wide (including Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft office car parks and UK council car parks) .

LoraWan Gateway

Becas LoraWan Gateway (BLG) is a long range (up to 15Km) from the smart parking sensors. BLG is able to connect up to 2000 sensors.

BLG has two versions: outdoor (BLG-67) and indoor (BLG-65).

BLG-67 is a IP67 weatherproof, waterproof standard, has built-in 4G/5G cellular internet network capacity.

BLG can be setup to run in two different modes: Base Station mode and Embedded Network Server mode. 

BLG can interface directly to Amazon AWS cloud service and local Becas cloud service. 

Integrated Smart Parking Solution

Becas Smart Parking (BSP) is a state-of-the-art IoT (Internet Of Things) parking solution that allows parking lot owners, homeowners, car park owners to turn empty spaces into revenue. The way the BSP system works is simple. Each parking bay installed a wireless vehicle sensor. When a vehicle is parking or leaving the parking bay, the sensor will send the changed signal to Becas Smart Parking Management Server BSPMS. BSPMS Server in turn sends the change data to centre Amazon AWS cloud service to store and process data.

AWS Smart Parking IoT Cloud Service

Becas designs smart communication solutions between sensors, LoraWAN gateways, Local Smart Parking Management Server (LSPMS), and Amazon AWS Central Server. The communication solution allows complete smart parking data hosted at both Becas Local Linux Server (BLLS) and Amazon AWS Cloud Server.

AWS cloud central server provides API (Application Program Interface) interfaces to all field devices like pay machines, BLLS, digital signages, find and pay parking phone app, and real-time web services.

Find and Pay Parking App

Becas Find Parking App (IOS/Android) connects to Becas Cloud Service to update the number of parking bays available of all the streets in the interest areas and display on the screen in real time. After finding parking, Driver can make payment for parking from the App.

Parking Guidance Digital Signage

Becas Cloud Server (BCS) works as a central server that receives uplink data from all smart parking sensors in the network, data from parking meters. BCS processes all data from field devices and is able to broadcast the number of parking available on each street to digital signages.

The display of digital signage helps drivers to find parking and reduce congestion as drivers circle to find parking.

Digital Signage can have a single line or multiple lines, each line can show parking available in individual streets, or off-street car parks nearby.

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