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Hospitality POS System and Self-Serve Table Order

For Restaurants / Pubs / Clubs

LPR Technology Drive Through/Curbside Pickup Restaurant

For the Drive Through/Curbside Pick up restaurants, BecasALPR technology allows staff to locate customer quickly by the license plate number and deliver the meals to the right customer. By interface to the POS system, BecasALPR can print the plate number on every Take Away (To Go)/ Pickup order ticket that help staff identify customer car when arrived or waiting. BecasALPR can also notify customer car arrived so staff can find and delivered the meal for pick up order.

All-in-one POS Terminals

BecasPOS is a powerful point of sales system designed for the hospitality industry, including restaurants, cafes, fast food chain, etc. It is suitable for any operation size with the installation ranging from a single front end POS terminal to multiple POS terminals running in same network, handheld orderings, printers, kitchen display systems and electronic variable message signs.

Staff Phone Ordering

In this day and age, there is hardly anyone who does not have a smartphone. In fact, there are more people in your group of friends that have Android, iOS or Windows powered devices than those that who use regular WAP phones.

Placed directly into the hands of the customer, Table Mode allows guests to take full control of their dining experience from order to payment. Empower your staff with more product detail, giving them the opportunity to keep the guests thoroughly informed – all while reducing order error.

Patron Self-serve Ordering

iPads extends your current POS all the way to the table.That’s because we designed it to integrate seamlessly with Becas POS systems. Less order error, faster ticket times and more ways for servers to engage with your customers. It’s a win, win, win.

User Friendly Back Office

Becas is a leading POS solution provider who can integrate a Web Interface into a POS system. That maximises the benefits of an E-commerce web site and the venue’s POS system. With food takeaway and delivery shops that allow customers to place orders online, these orders will be sent directly to the shop kitchen printer with the Tax Invoice presented in PDF file.

Patron Self-serve Ordering with own phone

Becas provides an online menu for restaurants, the menu can be accessed by scanning QR codes at each restaurant table using a patron phone.


This solution brings many benefits to restaurant operators such as increased revenues, customer service satisfaction and reduce costs. The patron can make up-sell orders whenever they want and will not need to wait for staff to present the menu again. The solution also improves the efficiency of staff as time spent allocated to serving the menu is allowed to be directed elsewhere. The patron also has the option to pay with a phone app or pay later. 


The orders will be sent directly to the existing kitchen/bar printer.

The Self-Ordering system can be operated in any 3rd -party POS system.

Recent customers

We would like to thank BECAS POS team for their great 24/7 support and their expertise to resolve one of the biggest challenges to our business. We have very complex menu which includes more than 400 items and countless number of item modifiers. The time to register an order has significantly reduced. In the peak hours, we normally served up to 200 customers in one or two hours, we have relied on their 3 handheld POS (BemPOS) terminals to take orders smoothly and the kitchen tickets are never missed.